Events Services:

Who said you cannot host an event, and enjoy it?
Here at JF Solutions we are committed to transforming your event concept into an experience.
Be it a family birthday party to a music concert; we will plan the event, spread the word to your potential guests, and then host them while you join them in the fun. We believe that your event should be all about you. We will find your vibe and we will ensure that it runs right through your event.

Event Planning

event planning1

From birthday parties to conventions to staff parties, JF Solutions is committed to working towards transforming that dream into a memorable event through detailed planning to the last detail. We will budget, establish timelines, take care of event sites and develop the entire event theme, among others.

Event Promotion/Marketing

event planning1

An audience/guests make an event? And that is where JF Solutions comes in; we will put our expertise into creating a carefully planned platform for your event with a bespoke marketing strategy, generating marketing/promotion material and content that will engage your target audience through various media.

Event Management

event management

After we have planned and marketed the event, there is always D-day to think about. JF Solutions will create an opportunity for you not to worry about the hospitality of your guests and enjoy with them. We have got the expertise to execute an event plan to perfection with the best customer service possible.